a quote from my favorite author

“The most solid advice, though, for a writer is this, I think: Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really to sleep. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive, with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell, and when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive. You will be dead soon enough.”

-William Saroyan, The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze

Saturday, January 3, 2015

CELEBRATION 1.3.15: boots and little words

Today's weather is nasty, slushy, and wet.  Since it is a Saturday I have celebration on my mind.  You see, even when I don't post on Saturdays, I can't help but write a celebration on my heart.  So, instead of feeling whiny about the weather, instead of covering my head back up with the blanket and ignoring the messy world outside, I found myself on the way to the grocery store, stopping to snap this photo of my boots: 

Since celebrations feel more important when shared, I sent the photo to my mom with the title: a good thing about today's weather.  This was a plane landed safely text.  When I am paying attention to life, I am good about emitting a large number of plane landed safely messages in comparison to exclamations that the sky is falling. I am not always paying attention to life.  

That's how I found my One Little Word for 2015: 

Mark and I have this picture on our wall: 

It reads: If I am not happy at this time, in this place, I am not paying attention. Mindfulness is all about paying attention. So, in a way, mindfulness is also about celebration.  I like that.  My intention for 2015 is to be more mindful in all aspects of my life.  I want to teach mindfully, listen mindfully, spend mindfully, eat mindfully, love mindfully.  I want to be present for all the moments of my life.

I even want to be mindful in the moments when I am watching tv.  One of my worst habits is to have the television on in the background.  I think it is a habit I formed in an effort to mask noises from outside that prompt my dogs to bark.  In reality it is a habit that distracts me from giving my full attention to a single task.  This year I will have less noise, more free attention.  

I intend to be happy at this time, in this place because I am paying attention to what matters.