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“The most solid advice, though, for a writer is this, I think: Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really to sleep. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive, with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell, and when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive. You will be dead soon enough.”

-William Saroyan, The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


It all started with Barnes & Noble gift cards.  My husband had a significant amount of money in B&N gift cards from credit card reward points—free money—that he was handing off to me to spend.  So, I started building up my wishlist.  I had it organized into my must-haves and my need-to-have-at-some-points.  I tucked the list into my purse and we headed off to run errands.  Only to find out that the B&N near our errands had closed (replaced by Buy Buy Baby, which is another story entirely). 

So, I had this unquenched thirst for a shopping trip to B&N.  In an effort to choose the best B&N to visit, since three of them are located equal distance from my house, I consulted my laptop.  I searched all of my must-haves to find which B&N had the most of them.  Only to find out that NONE of the stores near me had ANY of them. 

So, I had this unquenched thirst for books that I had decided I must-have (it said so right there on my list).  In an effort to hydrate my book-loving soul, I again consulted my laptop.  However this time I visited the site for Anderson’s Bookshops, which (like always) had ALL of the books for which I thirsted.  But for which I did NOT have gift cards. 

Why let that stop me?

So, I headed to Anderson’s, which just so happens to be located near some grand gift stores.  For which I also did NOT have gift cards. 

Why let that stop me?

So, I headed to Paper Source.  It seems like the kind of store that was invented just for me (though I suspect a large number of people feel that way).  Although I would like to purchase the entire inventory of the store for myself, I reminded myself that spending money is more likely to feel guilt-free when I am spending it on gifts for others.  So, I thought of every possible person in my life who could use a gift and every possible occasion for gift giving.  Mostly that means my nieces.  They can always use what I fondly call aunt-crap—you know, the kinds of gifts that are more about the joy I find in giving them than the joy they find in getting them? 

I walked out of Paper Source armed with gifts aplenty for my nieces’ birthday/un-birthday and lake house swag bags. 
Pillows, Smash Journal accessories, and owl lip balm

So, I really didn’t have any reason to stop at Anderson’s gift shop Two Doors East. 

Why let that stop me?

In a matter of minutes I walked out of there with a bag overflowing with more gifts for the nieces.  Did you know Two Doors East sells squirrel underwear?!?  What niece doesn’t want to arrive at the lake house to find squirrel underwear tucked inside her swag bag??  Like I said: aunt-crap. 
Magnetic Boards and Kelly Rae Roberts magnet sets
Who doesn't need squirrel underpants?

I did finally make it to Anderson’s to load up on all the books I’ve been hearing about on Twitter.  I now have books aplenty to read for the Summer Throwdown.

But, why let that stop me?

So, I stopped at B&N on the way home, too.


  1. WooHoo! Love your book pile! There are a couple I haven't heard of, so will be checking them out!

    And I liked going shopping with you for "aunt-crap". Kinda like Grandma Crap!

    Happy Reading.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day to me! I think you'll have some very happy nieces and nephews this year. How great it is to be able to shop at Anderson's Bookstore. I've heard so much about it from those of you who live close. I wish we lived close-could share some of the books! Happy reading!

  3. I want to go shopping with you! Squirrel underwear? Too funny! I loved the way you put this together with your repetitive question. Happy reading and enjoy your lake time!

  4. Ahhh exactly why I have to NOT go to town (or Amazon.com) on a daily basis. You are such a fun Aunt! Want to Aunt adopt a couple of grown kids????? Or their mom??? lol
    Have a great reading summer!

  5. A super day! Way to go Aunt! And the books... Enjoy!

  6. Hilarious! Love those squirrel underwear - I would like to buy a pair of those for my dad as a gag gift. He'd love it! I'm going to google now.... ;) Happy Reading!

  7. Hehehe... too funny! (Your description of "aunt-crap" is priceless. My mom buys me stuff like that all the time, just because she loves to give me presents, whether I need them or not!) Enjoy the books!

  8. I love the way your mind and your shopping trip deviates from one thing to another--I can relate!

  9. What a funny post! I can picture you going all over town and finding these amazingly quirky gifts that only the most unique people would understand! "Aunt-crap" = Classic.

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. I love this post from top to bottom! I cracked up at so many parts and related to a bunch of these moments too. Love it! Happy reading and I hope the girls love the "aunt crap." Too funny.

  11. I'm smiling at the "aunt crap." Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Em still has every aunt crap sweater (some worn to shreds), post card, and trinket from my travels in insurance. Jeff still has every aunt crap scarf (two worn so think he asked if I could "darn them together, 'cause it gets COLD in Boston!") and blanket and post card and sports stuff.

    I am insanely jealous at your book binge. I, too, want to do that. However, The Wonder Spouse is not nearly as understanding. He actually thought I had a garage sale so nothing new would come into the house. Obviously, 35 years and I realize that I know so little about that man...and he, about me.

    Perhaps we can share a beverage when time permits? :-) Happy summer, my friend.

  12. I love the question you kept asking. It made me stay with you on each leg of your journey.
    BTW: I love Paper Source. We don't have one locally. (I heard a rumor we just got a Sephora, which is HUGE!)